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Fine-tuning of notochord midline position via cell-matrix interactionsGuo, S; Au, YK; Wynn, S; Chan, D; Aszodi, A; Faessler, R; Cheah, KSE201262
An essential role for β1 integrin mediated cell-matrix interactions in the development and maintenance of the nucleus pulposusGuo, S; Au, SYK; Wynn, S; Chan, D; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Cheah, KSE201285
Indian hedgehog mutations causing brachydactyly type A1 impair Hedgehog signal transduction at multiple levelsMa, G; Yu, J; Xiao, Y; Chan, D; Gao, B; Hu, J; He, Y; Guo, S; Zhou, J; Zhang, L; Gao, L; Zhang, W; Kang, Y; Cheah, KSE; Feng, G; Guo, X; Wang, Y; Zhou, CZ; He, L2011229
The role of Prkci in the development of notochordWang, M; Tsang, KY; Au, YK; Guo, S; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE201165
Lack of β1 integrin in the developing mouse notochord results in hemivertebraeCheah, K; Guo, S; Wynn, S; Au, YK; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Chan, D201187
Towards context-aware ubiquitous transaction processing: a model and algorithmTang, F; Guo, S; Guo, M; Li, M; Wang, CL2011110
Lack of beta1 integrin results in hemivertebrae development in miceGuo, S; Wynn, SL; Au, YK; Chan, D; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Cheah, KSE201179
A pipeline-based approach for long transaction processing in web service environmentsTang, F; You, I; Li, L; Wang, CL; Cheng, Z; Guo, S201192
Missense mutations in IHH impair Indian hedgehog signaling in C3H10T1/2 cells: Implications for brachydactyly type A1, and new targets for hedgehog signalingGuo, S; Zhou, J; Gao, B; Hu, J; Wang, H; Meng, J; Zhao, X; Ma, G; Lin, C; Xiao, Y; Tang, W; Zhu, X; Cheah, KSE; Feng, G; Chan, D; He, L2010383
The role of Cell-matrix interactions mediated by β1 integrin in notochord development and functionGuo, S; Wynn, S.L; Au, YK; Chan, D; Fassler, R; Cheah, KSE200993
Chemical components and antioxidant activity of the volatile oil from Cassia tora L. seed prepared by supercritical fluid extractionZhang, Y; Wei, D; Guo, S; Zhang, X; Wang, M; Chen, F2007359
Mass spectrometry-based "omics" technologies in cancer diagnosticsZhang, X; Wei, D; Yap, Y; Li, L; Guo, S; Chen, F2007232
Studies on the molecular mechanism of morphogenetic defects in brachydactyly type A-1Gao, B; Guo, S; Meng, JW; Shu, AL; She, CW; Guo, JZ; Feng, GY; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; He, L200269
Spirulina and their cultivationZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S; Li, L; Xiao, K; Wei, D1996154
Growth and phycocyanin formation of Spirulina platensis in photoheterotrophic cultureChen, F; Zhang, Y; Guo, S1996332
The influence of light intensity and organic carbon sources on the growth rate of Spirulina platensis in mixotrophic cultureZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S1996121
The growth and phycocyanin content of Spirulina platensis on different carbon sources in mixotrophic cultureZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S1996162
A preliminary survey of cultivation methods for SpirulinaZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S; Li, L1996121
Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in sugar solution by HPLCYuan, JP; Guo, S; Li, L; Chen, SF1996231
Effect of light intensity and glucose on the growth of Spirulina platensisZhang, Y; Chen, SF; Guo, S1996263
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