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Decreased c-Jun expression correlates with impaired spinal motoneuron regeneration in aged mice following sciatic nerve crushYuan, Q; Su, H; Guo, J; Tsang, KY; Cheah, KSE; Chiu, K; Yang, J; Wong, WM; So, KF; Huang, JD; Wu, W; Lin, ZX2012200
Superior molecularly altered influenza virus hemagglutinin peptide 308-317 inhibits collagen-induced arthritis by inducing CD4+ treg cell expansionSun, J; Li, R; Guo, J; Jia, Y; Sun, X; Liu, Y; Li, Y; Huang, F; Lu, L; Li, Z2012116
Metamorphic P-T path and implications of high-pressure pelitic granulites from the Jiaobei massif in the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt, North China CratonTam, PY; Zhao, G; Zhou, X; Sun, M; Guo, J; Li, S; Yin, C; Wu, M; He, Y2012132
Likelihood-based approaches for multivariate linear models under inequality constraints for incomplete dataZheng, S; Guo, J; Shi, NZ; Tian, GL2012104
Bridging the gap for regeneration after CNS injury by nanofiber scaffolds : use of SPANS for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuryGuo, J; Leung, GKK; Wu, W201287
Precambrian Geology of China: PrefaceZhao, G; Guo, J201230
U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of zircons of the Helanshan Complex: Constrains on the evolution of the Khondalite Belt in the Western Block of the North China CratonYin, C; Zhao, G; Guo, J; Sun, M; Xia, X; Zhou, X; Liu, C2011567
Optimal proportional reinsurance and investment in a stock market with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processLiang, Z; Yuen, KC; Guo, J2011169
Synthesis of dienol ethers using the phosphine-catalyzed alkyne isomerization reactionFu, MY; Guo, J; Toy, PH2011237
Geochronology of khondalite-series rocks of the Jining Complex: Confirmation of depositional age and tectonometamorphic evolution of the North China cratonLi, XP; Yang, Z; Zhao, G; Grapes, R; Guo, J2011463
A novel approach for detection of muscle boundary in ultrasound imagesChen, X; Zheng, YP; Guo, J; Zhu, Z; Chan, SC; Zhang, Z201175
Optimal time point for neuronal generation of transplanted neural progenitor cells in injured Spinal cord following root avulsionSu, H; Wu, Y; Yuan, Q; Guo, J; Zhang, W; Wu, W201188
Thermal wave interference as the origin of the overshooting phenomenon in dual-phase-lagging heat conductionXu, M; Guo, J; Wang, L; Cheng, L2011119
Soluble NgR fusion protein modulates the proliferation of neural progenitor cells via the notch pathwayLi, X; Su, H; Fu, QL; Guo, J; Lee, DHS; So, KF; Wu, W2011140
Formation of the paleoproterozoic calc-silicate and high-pressure mafic granulite in the Jiaobei Terrane, Eastern Shandong, ChinaLi, X; Guo, J; Zhao, G; Li, H; Song, Z2011355
Self-assembling peptide nanofibre scaffold (SAPNS) as a potential neuro-regenerative biomaterial in surgically induced brain injury.Leung, GKK; Guo, J; Wu, W2010140
Metamorphism of the Lüliang amphibolite: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the North China CratonZhao, G; Yin, C; Guo, J; Sun, M; Li, S; Li, X; Wu, C; Liu, C2010123
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating on the metamorphism of the Zanhuang ComplexXiao, LL; Li, XH; Wan, YS; Guo, J; Wu, C201071
大电网安全性评估的系统复杂性理论Cao, Y; Guo, J; Mei, S; Hou, Y201098
Petrology and geochronology of khondalite rocks in western collisional belt of the North China craton, ChinaLi, X; Zhao, G; Guo, J; Wang, F2010247
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