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Passivity-based control and synchronization of general complex dynamical networksYao, J; Guan, ZH; Hill, DJ200958
A hybrid impulsive and switching control strategy for synchronization of nonlinear systems and application to Chua's chaotic circuitGuan, ZH; Hill, DJ; Yao, J200693
Synchronization of complex dynamical networks with switching topology via adaptive controlYao, J; Hill, DJ; Guan, ZH; Wang, HO200654
On hybrid impulsive and switching systems and application to nonlinear controlGuan, ZH; Hill, DJ; Shen, X200579
Robust H∞ control of singular impulsive systems with uncertain perturbationsGuan, ZH; Yao, J; Hill, DJ200543
On hybrid impulsive and switching control with application to chaotic systemsGuan, ZH; Hill, DJ; Shen, X200450
Synchronization of chaotic systems via hybrid impulsive and switching controlGuan, ZH; Hill, DJ; Shen, X; Yu, X200464
Adaptive switching control and synchronization of a class of nonlinear systemsYao, J; Guan, ZH; Hill, DJ200455
Robust H∞ Control of Singular-Impulsive Uncertain SystemsGuan, ZH; Yao, J; Hill, DJ200354
Robust stability of composite singular and impulsive interval uncertain dynamic systems with time delayGuan, ZH; Lam, J200165
Robust stabilization of singular-impulsive-delayed systems with nonlinear perturbationsGuan, ZH; Chan, CW; Leung, AYT; Chen, G2001358
On impulsive autoassociative neural networksGuan, ZH; Lam, J; Chen, G200055
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