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Comprehensive gene expression profiling and immunohistochemical studies support application of immunophenotypic algorithm for molecular subtype classification in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a report from the International DLBCL Rituximab-CHOP Consortium Program Study
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Visco, C; Li, Y; Xu-Monette, ZY; Miranda, RN; Green, TM; Li, Y; Tzankov, A; Wen, W; Liu, WM; Kahl, BS; d'Amore, ESG; Montes-Moreno, S; Dybkaer, K; Chiu, A; Tam, W; Orazi, A; Zu, Y; Bhagat, G; Winter, JN; Wang, HY; O'Neill, S; Dunphy, CH; Hsi, ED; Zhao, XF; Go, RS; Choi, WWL; Zhou, F; Czader, M; Tong, J; Zhao, X; van Krieken, JH; Huang, Q; Ai, W; Etzell, J; Ponzoni, M; Ferreri, AJM; Piris, MA; Moller, MB; Bueso-Ramos, CE; Medeiros, LJ; Wu, L; Young, KH2012282
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