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Subjective and objective evaluation of the thermal environment in a three-star green office building in ChinaGou, Z; Lau, SSY; Chen, FN2012114
A tool-kit for lighting environment post-occupancy evaluation: case study in a LEED gold officeGou, Z; Lau, SSY201265
Indoor environmental satisfaction in two LEED offices and its implications in green interior designGou, Z; Lau, SSY; Shen, J2012121
(E) A survey of sick building syndrome: workplace design elements and perceived indoor environmental qualityGou, Z; Lau, SSY201280
A comparison of indoor environmental satisfaction between two green buildings and a conventional building in ChinaGou, Z; Lau, SSY; Zhang, Z2012104
China Three Star Green Building Design and EvaluationLau, SSY; Gou, Z2011157
Green Building Market Readiness and Policy Implications: Case Study from Hong KongLau, SSY; Gou, Z; Cheng, KY2011135
Temperature Setting as Energy Conservation Policy: Case Study of Japan Cool Biz and Hong Kong 25.5 PolicyLau, SSY; Gou, Z2011121
Post-occupancy Study of the Lighting Environment in a LEED Gold Office in Hong KongLau, SSY; Gou, Z; Tonda, C201195
Investigating the linkage between architecture and socio-cultural sustainability in the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings: a review of an Architecture and Urban Design Studio at the University of Hong KongLau, SSY; Xu, Z; Wang, J; Gou, Z2010171
Preliminary study on application of Anidolic Natural Lighting System to high-rise and high-density residential surroundingsGou, Z; Lau, SSY; Baharuddin2010263
Users' perceptions of domestic windows in Hong Kong: Challenging daylighting-based design regulationsSiuYu Lau, S; Gou, Z; Li, FM2010189
Summary of green building development in Hong KongLau, SSY; Gou, Z; Zhang, Z2009465
Studying comfort, air-conditioning and energy-use in contextLau, SSY; Gou, Z2009279
Greenhouse gas emission auditing in buildingsLau, SSY; Gou, Z; Baharuddin2009215
China Green Building Politics and rating labelLau, SSY; Zhang, Z; Gou, Z2009355
Green Building Policy and Regulations in Hong KongLau, SSY; Zhang, Z; Gou, Z20091,190
Teaching Social Sustainability at the Master of Architecture and Urban Design Studio at the University of Hong KongLau, SSY; Wang, J; Gou, Z; Xu, Z2009181
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