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Tuning kinetic magnetism of strongly correlated electrons via a staggered fluxWang, YF; Gong, CD; Wang, ZD2008151
First-order transition in a quantum ising model with p-spin interactions and a random fieldMa, YQ; Wang, ZD; Sheng, L; Zhu, JX; Gong, CD199756
Hole tunneling through highly transparent symmetric double-barrier semiconductor structuresZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD1997143
Longitudinal acoustic attenuation in unusual two-dimensional superconductorsLi, MR; Wang, YJ; Gong, CD; Wang, ZD1996120
Resonant tunneling of holes in double-barrier structures in the presence of an in-plane magnetic fieldZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD1996370
The periodicity of persistent currents in mesoscopic ringsZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD199595
Theoretical investigations of electronic transport in a quasi-one dimensional wire with a zero-range scattererZhu, JX; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD199495
Effect of electron-hole scattering on the resistivity and Hall coefficient in YBaCuOXing, DY; Wang, ZD; Gong, CD198972
A qualitative study of the instability of fractal aggregatesWang, Z; Gong, CD; Holz, A; Ting, CS198955
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