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White matter volume and anisotropy in preterm children: A pilot study of neurocognitive correlatesYung, A; Poon, G; Qiu, DQ; Chu, J; Lam, B; Leung, C; Goh, W; Khong, PL2007154
Mutation of Gene in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Respiratory Distress Type IWong, VCN; Chung, BHY; Li, S; Goh, W; LEE, SL200681
Video-fluoroscopic study of swallowing in children with neurodevelopmental disordersFung, CW; Khong, PL; To, R; Goh, W; Wong, V2004119
Childhood acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: The role of brain and spinal cord MRIKhong, PL; Ho, HK; Cheng, PW; Wong, VCN; Goh, W; Chan, FL2002120
Ganglioneuroma of the spinal cordNg, THK; Fung, CF; Goh, W; Wong, VCN199190
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