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Gender differences in the use of colorectal cancer tests among older Chinese adultsChoi, KC; So, WKW; Chan, DNS; Shiu, ATY; Ho, SSM; Chan, HYL; Lam, WWT; Cheng, KKF; Goggins, WB; Chan, CWH201330
Colorectal cancer testing and associated factors among older Chinese adultsSo, WKW; Choi, KC; Chan, DNS; Chan, CWH; Shiu, ATY; Ho, SSS; Chan, HYL; Lam, WWT; Cheng, KKF; Goggins, WB2012105
Weather, season, and daily stroke admissions in Hong KongGoggins, WB; Woo, J; Ho, S; Chan, EYY; Chau, PH201282
Gap of health care for midlife women: controlling risk factors of stroke as exampleChau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Ho, SC201158
Analysis of spatio-temporal variations in stroke incidence and case-fatality in Hong KongChau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Wong, M; Chan, KC; Ho, SC201182
Trends in stroke incidence in Hong Kong differ by stroke subtypeChau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Tse, YK; Chan, KC; Lo, SV; Ho, SC2011385
Individual, familial and community determinants of child physical abuse among high-school students in ChinaWong, WCW; Chen, WQ; Goggins, WB; Tang, CS; Leung, PW200999
Reliability of pubertal self-assessment in Hong Kong Chinese childrenChan, NPT; Sung, RYT; Kong, APS; Goggins, WB; So, HK; Nelson, EAS2008131
Prognostic value of cardiac troponin T is independent of inflammation, residual renal function, and cardiac hypertrophy and dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patientsWang, AYM; Lam, CWK; Wang, M; Chan, IHS; Goggins, WB; Yu, CM; Lui, SF; Sanderson, JE200777
How to provide an effective primary health care in fighting against severe acute respiratory syndrome: The experiences of two citiesWong, WCW; Wong, SYS; Lee, A; Goggins, WB2007185
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