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Identification of retinoic acid-regulated nuclear matrix-associated protein as a novel regulator of gastric cancerLi, J; Ng, EKO; Ng, YP; Wong, CYP; Yu, J; Jin, H; Cheng, VYY; Go, MYY; Cheung, PKF; Ebert, MPA; Tong, J; To, KF; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY; Ip, NY; Leung, WK2009182
Transgenic cyclooxygenase-2 expression and high salt enhanced susceptibility to chemical-induced gastric cancer development in miceLeung, WK; Wu, KC; Wong, CYP; Cheng, ASL; Ching, AKK; Chan, AWH; Chong, WWS; Go, MYY; Yu, J; To, KF; Wang, X; Chui, Yl; Fan, DM; Sung, JJY2008113
Expression of a cyclo-oxygenase-2 transgene in murine liver causes hepatitisYu, J; Hui, AY; Chu, ESH; Cheng, ASL; Go, MYY; Chan, HLY; Leung, WK; Cheung, KF; Ching, AKK; Chui, YL; Chan, KK; Sung, JJY200782
Effects of Helicobacter pylori eradication on methylation status of E-cadherin gene in noncancerous stomachLeung, WK; Man, EPS; Yu, J; Go, MYY; To, KF; Yamaoka, Y; Cheng, VYY; Ng, EKW; Sung, JJY200665
Different cell kinetic changes in rat stomach cancer after treatment with celecoxib or indomethacin: Implications on chemopreventionYu, J; Tang, BD; Leung, WK; To, KF; Bai, AHC; Zeng, ZR; Ma, PK; Go, MYY; Hu, PJ; Sung, JJY2005107
Expression of HBx and COX-2 in chronic hepatitis B, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma: Implication of HBx in upregulation of COX-2Cheng, ASL; Chan, HLY; Leung, WK; To, KF; Go, MYY; Chan, JYH; Liew, CT; Sung, JJY200465
Relationship between Helicobacter pylori babA2 status with gastric epithelial cell turnover and premalignant gastric lesionsYu, J; Leung, WK; Go, MYY; Chan, MCW; To, KF; Ng, EKW; Chan, FKL; Ling, TKW; Chung, SCS; Sung, JJY200278
Increased expression of survivin in gastric cancer patients and in first degree relativesYu, J; Leung, WK; Ebert, MPA; Ng, EKW; Go, MYY; Wang, HB; Chung, SCS; Malfertheiner, P; Sung, JJY2002108
Apoptosis and proliferation in Helicobacter pylori-associated gastric intestinal metaplasiaLeung, WK; Yu, J; To, KF; Go, MYY; Ma, PK; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY200168
Concurrent hypermethylation of multiple tumor-related genes in gastric carcinoma and adjacent normal tissuesLeung, WK; Yu, J; Ng, EKW; To, KF; Ma, PK; Lee, TL; Go, MYY; Chung, S; Sung, JJY200179
Effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication on expression of cyclin D2 and p27 in gastric intestinal metaplasiaYu, J; Leung, WK; Ng, EKW; To, KF; Ebert, MPA; Go, MYY; Chan, WY; Chan, FKL; Chung, SCS; Malfertheiner, P; Sung, JJY200171
Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in Helicobacter pylori-associated premalignant and malignant gastric lesionsSung, JJY; Leung, WK; Go, MYY; To, KF; Cheng, ASL; Ng, EKW; Chan, FKL200047
Prevalence and distribution of Helicobacter pylori in gastroesophageal reflux disease: A study from the eastWu, JCY; Sung, JJY; Ng, EKW; Go, MYY; Chan, WB; Chan, FKL; Leung, WK; Choi, CL; Chung, SCS199966
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