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The use of sex hormones in women with rheumatological diseasesLi, RHW; Gebbie, AE; Wong, RWS; Ng, EHY; Glasier, AF; Ho, PC2011154
A novel estrogen-free oral contraceptive pill for women: Multicentre, double-blind, randomized controlled trial of mifepristone and progestogen-only pill (levonorgestrel)Lakha, F; Ho, PC; Van Der Spuy, ZM; Dada, K; Elton, R; Glasier, AF; Critchley, HOD; Williams, ARW; Baird, DT200762
Effect of advanced provision of emergency contraception on women's contraceptive behaviour: A randomized controlled trialLo, SST; Fan, SYS; Ho, PC; Glasier, AF2004117
Amenorrhea associated with contraception - An international study on acceptabilityGlasier, AF; Smith, KB; Van der Spuy, ZM; Ho, PC; Cheng, L; Dada, K; Wellings, K; Baird, DT2003113
Potential impact of hormonal male contraception: Cross-cultural implications for development of novel preparationsMartin, CW; Anderson, RA; Cheng, L; Ho, PC; Van Der Spuy, Z; Smith, KB; Glasier, AF; Everington, D; Baird, DT2000110
An international study on the acceptability of a once-a-month pillGlasier, AF; Smith, KB; Cheng, L; Ho, PC; Van Der Spuy, Z; Baird, DT199986
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