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Waist circumference thresholds provide an accurate and widely applicable method for the discrimination of diabetesHuxley, R; Barzi, F; Lee, CMY; Lear, S; Shaw, J; Lam, TH; Caterson, I; Azizi, F; Petal, J; Suriyawongpaisal, P; Oh, SW; Kang, JH; Gill, T; Zimmet, P; James, PT; Woodward, M2007147
Ethnic comparisons of obesity in the Asia-Pacific region: Protocol for a collaborative overview of cross-sectional studiesHuxley, R; Barzi, F; Stolk, R; Caterson, I; Gill, T; Lam, TH; Omari, A; Woodward, M; James, P; Matsuzawa, Y; Zimmett, P200596
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