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Breakthrough invasive fungal diseases during echinocandin treatment in high-risk hospitalized hematologic patientsChan, TS; Gill, H; Hwang, YY; Sim, PYJ; Tse, AC; Loong, F; Khong, PL; Tse, EWC; Leung, AYH; Chim, JCS; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL201340
Antifungal drug usage in haematologic patients during a 4-year period in an Asian university teaching hospital.Chan, TS; Hwang, YY; Gill, H; Cheung, WWW; Tse, EWC; Leung, AYH; Chim, JCS; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL201341
Unremitting pyrexia, pancytopenia, hepatosplenomegaly, and extreme hyperferritinemia.Gill, H; Liu, S; Ip, A; Loong, F; Lee, EYP; Leung, RYY; Lau, WCS; Ip, WK; Tam, S; Kwong, YL201348
Primary treatment of leukemia relapses after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with reduced-intensity conditioning second transplantation from the original donor.Leung, AYH; Tse, EWC; Hwang, YY; Chan, TS; Gill, H; Chim, JCS; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL201341
Indolent T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukaemia after haematopoietic SCT: A clinicopathologic and molecular analysisGill, H; Ip, AHW; Leung, R; So, JCC; Pang, AWK; Tse, E; Leung, AYH; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL2012164
Varicella zoster virus progressive outer retinal necrosis after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantationGill, H; Cheung, J; Wong, I; Lie, AKW; Kwong, YL201271
Disseminated cryptococcosis mimicking a lymphomaGill, H; Ip, AHW; So, JCC; Cheng, VCC; Wong, CS; Yuen, KY; Kwong, YL2012158
Uveitis as the initial manifestation of diffuse large B-cell lymphomaChan, TSY; Gill, H; Leung, AYH; Chan, WM; Khong, PL; Kwong, YL2012140
Type II enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: a multicenter analysis from the Asia Lymphoma Study GroupTse, E; Gill, H; Loong, F; Kim, SJ; NG, SB; Tang, T; Ko, YH; Chng, WJ; Lim, ST; Kim, WS; Kwong, YL2012237
Positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of disseminated pyomyositis due to PVL-negative methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusGill, H; Kwok, H; Mak, HKF; Chim, CS; Kwong, YL201282
Myeloid sarcoma of the uterine cervix presenting as missed abortionGill, H; Loong, F; Mak, V; Chan, K; Au, WY; Kwong, YL2012104
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative diseases in Asian solid organ transplant recipients: Late onset and favorable response to treatmentChan, TS; Hwang, YY; Gill, H; Au, WY; Leung, AY; Tse, E; Chim, CS; Loong, F; Kwong, YL2012134
Paraneoplastic pemphigus due to natural-killer/T-cell lymphomaGill, H; TrendellSmith, NJ; Loong, F; Chan, JCY; Kwong, YL201181
Two tales of two lymphomasGill, H; Chan, T; Lau, WH; Loong, F; Hwang, YY; Wong, CS; Khong, PL; Kwong, YL201198
Non-gastric marginal zone B cell lymphoma: Clinicopathologic features and treatment resultsGill, H; Chim, CS; Au, WY; Loong, F; Tse, E; Leung, AYH; Kwong, YL2011888
Primary immune thrombocytopenia responding to antithyroid treatment in a patient with Graves' diseaseGill, H; Hwang, YY; Tse, E2011105
Anemia in a patient newly transferred from peritoneal dialysis to hemodialysisGill, H; Yip, T; So, CC; Lo, WK201070
Absence of NPM1 promoter hypermethylation in human myelodysplastic syndromeCheng, YY; Chau, D; Chan, T; Gill, H; Liang, R; Kwong, YL; Tse, E201091
Paraneoplastic pemphigus due to CD8-positive cytotoxic T-cell lymphoma: Images in haematologyGill, H; TrendellSmith, NJ; Loong, F; Yeung, CK; Kwong, YL201049
Refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts: More than meets the eyeGill, H; Choi, WWL; Kwong, YL2010480
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