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A Novel Artificial Prosthetic Replacement For The Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Of The Hand - From Concept To PrototypeIp, WY; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Gibson, I; Ngan, AHW; Lu, W; Chiu, PKY2008206
The development of an artificial finger jointGibson, I; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Lu, WW; Ngan, AHW; Ip, WY; Chiu, PKY2008249
Fusion behavior of TrueForm TM/SiO 2 composite powders during selective laser sinteringFan, KM; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I200860
The Development Of An Artifical Finger JointGibson, I; Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Lu, WW; NGAN, HW; Ip, WY; Chiu, PKY2007148
Reflectance and transmittance of TrueForm TM powder and its composites to CO 2 laserFan, KM; Wong, KW; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I200767
The use of rapid prototyping to assist medical applicationsGibson, I; Cheung, LK; Chow, SP; Cheung, WL; Beh, SL; Savalani, M; Lee, SH2006220
Prosthetic device for total joint replacement in small joint arthroplastyChow, SP; Lam, K; Gibson, I2006115
A novel artificial prosthetic replacement for the proximal interphalangeal joint of the hand--from concept to prototype.Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Gibson, I; Ngan, AH; Lu, W; Ip, WY; Chiu, KY2005147
Movement of powder bed material during the selective laser sintering of bisphenol-A polycarbonateFan, KM; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I2005126
Constrained deformation of freeform surfaces using surface features for interactive designZheng, JM; Chan, KW; Gibson, I2003153
Guest editorialChen, YH; Gibson, I200347
Morphology and properties of selective laser sintered bisphenol a polycarbonateHo, HCH; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I2003215
International Conference on Manufacturing AutomationTan, ST; Gibson, I; Chen, YH2003100
Fusion behaviour of glass filled TrueForm during selective laser sinteringFan, KM; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I2002109
The effect of alcohol on processing of Duraform polyamide using the selective lases sintering processKu, CWJ; Gibson, I; Cheung, WL2002134
Multiple material polymer systems based on the selective laser sintering processGibson, I; Cheung, WL; Ting, PYF; Ling, WM; Ho, CHH; Ku, CWJ200298
Fatigue and wear evaluation of a novel artificial finger jointChow, SP; Cao, Y; Gibson, I; Chiu, PKY; Lam, T; Ho, HENRY; Ip, WY; Lu, WW200276
Selective laser sintered Castform polystyrene with controlled porosity and its infiltration by red waxKu, CWJ; Gibson, I; Cheung, WL2002124
Effects of graphite powder on the laser sintering behaviour of polycarbonateHo, HCH; Cheung, WL; Gibson, I200270
Study on selective laser sintering components with electrically conductive channelsTing, FPY; Gibson, I; Cheung, WL200194
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