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Determination of the sign of g factors for conduction electrons using time-resolved Kerr rotationYang, CL; Dai, J; Ge, WK; Cui, X2010663
Classification of bound exciton complexes in bulk ZnO by magnetophotoluminescence spectroscopyDing, L; Li, BK; He, HT; Ge, WK; Wang, JN; Ning, JQ; Dai, XM; Ling, CC; Xu, SJ2009630
Defect emissions in ZnO nanostructuresDjurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Tam, KH; Hsu, YF; Ding, L; Ge, WK; Zhong, YC; Wong, KS; Chan, WK; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Kwok, WM; Phillips, DL2007316
Influence of the carrier gas on the luminescence of ZnO tetrapod nanowiresLeung, CY; Djurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Ding, L; Yang, CL; Ge, WK2006160
Defects in ZnO nanorods prepared by a hydrothermal methodTam, KH; Cheung, CK; Leung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Ling, CC; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Kwok, WM; Chan, WK; Phillips, DL; Ding, L; Ge, WK2006273
Electron energy dependence on inducing the photoluminescence lines of 6H-SiC by electron irradiationLing, CC; Chen, XD; Gong, M; Yang, CL; Ge, WK; Wang, JN2006178
Green, yellow, and orange defect emission from ZnO nanostructures: Influence of excitation wavelengthDjurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Tam, KH; Ding, L; Ge, WK; Chen, HY; Gwo, S2006572
Defect emissions in ZnO nanostructuresDjurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Tarn, KH; Ding, L; Ge, WK; Chan, WK2005216
Zno nanoshells: Synthesis, structure, and optical propertiesLeung, YH; Tam, KH; Djurǐić, AB; Xie, MH; Chan, WK; Lu, D; Ge, WK2005183
Deep level defects in 6H silicon carbide induced by particles irradiationsLing, FCC; Chen, X; Gong, M; Ge, WK; Wang, JN; Yang, CL; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY; Wang, HY; Weng, HM2005171
Te antisite incorporation in Zn S1-x Tex thin filmsChan, SK; Liu, HJ; Chan, CT; Zhang, ZQ; Ge, WK; Sou, IK200564
Deep level defects in 6H silicon carbideLing, CC; Chen, XD; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD; Gong, M; Ge, WK; Wang, JN; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W2004132
Low energy electron irradiation induced deep level defects in 6H-SiC: The implication for the microstructure of the deep levels E1/E 2Chen, XD; Yang, CL; Gong, M; Ge, WK; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Wang, JN; Lui, MK; Ling, CC2004719
Formation mechanism of a degenerate thin layer at the interface of a GaN/sapphire systemXu, XL; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Zhao, YW; Sun, NF; Sun, TN; Zhang, QL; Zhan, HH; Sun, BQ; Wang, JN; Ge, WK; Wong, PC2000289
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