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Histidine-rich protein Hpn from Helicobacter pylori forms amyloid-like fibrils in vitro and inhibits the proliferation of gastric epithelial AGS cellsGe, R; Sun, X; Wang, D; Zhou, Q; Sun, H2011450
Metalloproteomics of arsenic, antimony and bismuth based drugsTsang, CN; Ge, R; Sun, H2011139
Nuclear-based metallomics in metal-based drugsGe, R; Chu, IK; Sun, H2010204
Iron-containing lipoprotein SiaA in SiaABC, the primary heme transporter of Streptococcus pyogenesSun, X; Ge, R; Zhang, D; Sun, H; He, QY2010105
Metallomics: An integrated biometal scienceGe, R; Sun, H200992
microRNA-146b inhibits glioma cell migration and invasion by targeting MMPsXia, H; Qi, Y; Ng, SS; Chen, X; Li, D; Chen, S; Ge, R; Jiang, S; Li, G; Chen, Y; He, ML; Kung, Hf; Lai, L; Lin, MC2009306
MicroRNA-15b regulates cell cycle progression by targeting cyclins in glioma cellsXia, H; Qi, Y; Ng, SS; Chen, X; Chen, S; Fang, M; Li, D; Zhao, Y; Ge, R; Li, G; Chen, Y; He, ML; Kung, Hf; Lai, L; Lin, MC2009102
Mining Metallordrug Binding Proteins in Helicobacter Pylori by MetalloproteomicsSun, H; Ge, R; Tsang, CN2009228
Crystal structure and metal binding properties of the lipoprotein MtsA, responsible for iron transport in Streptococcus pyogenesSun, X; Baker, HM; Ge, R; Sun, H; He, QY; Baker, EN2009631
Iron depletion decreases proliferation and induces apoptosis in a human colonic adenocarcinoma cell line, Caco2Sun, X; Ge, R; Cai, Z; Sun, H; He, QY200978
Lipoprotein MtsA of MtsABC in Streptococcus pyogenes primarily binds ferrous ion with bicarbonate as a synergistic anionSun, X; Ge, R; Chiu, JF; Sun, H; He, QY2008390
The Role of Histidine-rich Proteins in Helicobacter PyloriSun, H; Cun, S; Ge, R; Zeng, Y2008189
Mining Bismuth-binding Proteins in Helico-bacter Pylori by MetalloproteomicsSun, H; Cun, S; Ge, R; Zeng, Y2008180
A histidine-rich and cysteine-rich metal-binding domain at the C terminus of heat shock protein A from helicobacter pylori: Implication for nickel homeostasis and bismuth susceptibilityCun, S; Li, H; Ge, R; Lin, MCM; Sun, H2008441
Identification of proteins related to nickel homeostasis in Helicobater pylori by immobilized metal affinity chromatography and two-dimensional gel electrophoresisSun, X; Ge, R; Chiu, JF; Sun, H; He, QY2008342
A proteomic approach for the identification of bismuth-binding proteins in Helicobacter pyloriGe, R; Sun, X; Gu, Q; Watt, RM; Tanner, JA; Wong, BCY; Xia, HH; Huang, JD; He, QY; Sun, H2007283
Bioinorganic chemistry of bismuth and antimony: Target sites of metallodrugsGe, R; Sun, H200783
Histidine-rich protein, Hpn and metallothionein: are they similar?Sun, H; Ge, R; Wang, H; Cun, S; Huang, J2007184
Identification of bismuth-binding proteins in Helicobacter pylori by a metalloproteomic approachSun, H; Ge, R; Cun, S200790
Histidine-rich Protein, Hpn and Metallothionein: Are they Similar?Sun, H; Ge, R; Zeng, Y; Wang, H; Huang, J2007207
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