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An analytical solution for the transient response of a cylindrical lined cavity in a poroelastic mediumGao, M; Wang, Y; Gao, GY; Yang, J201330
Technological capability growth and performance outcome: Foreign versus local firms in ChinaJu, M; Zhou, KZ; Gao, GY; Lu, J201336
Dynamic response of deep soft soil deposits under multidirectional earthquake loadingChen, QS; Gao, GY; Yang, J2011192
Ion-implantation induced nano distortion layer and its influence on nonlinear optical properties of ZnO single crystalsZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Lu, XH; Ling, CC; Che, CM; Gao, GY; Hao, JH; Brauer, G; Anwand, W2011184
Performance implications of marketing, technological, and production capabilities: an institutional perspectiveJu, M; Zhou, KZ; Gao, GY2010161
Experimental study on active vibration isolation by wib in layered ground under vertical loadingGao, GY; Li, N; Yue, QZQ2009302
Performance of multinational firms' subsidiaries: Influences of cumulative experienceGao, GY; Pan, Y; Lu, J; Tao, Z2008109
Field measurement and numerical prediction of the ground vibration induced by high-speed trainGao, GY; Shi, G; Yue, QZQ2007119
Analysis of multi-rows of piles as barriers for passive isolating vibrations in far fieldGao, GY; Shi, G; Gao, M; Yue, QZQ200793
On what should firms focus in transitional economies? A study of the contingent value of strategic orientations in ChinaGao, GY; Zhou, KZ; Yim, CK(B)2007262
3D analysis of active vibration isolation using WIB in multilayered ground under vertical excitationGao, GY; Shi, G; Xiong, H; Yue, QZQ2007188
A study on hydrokinetic mechanism of high-speed landslidesXing, AG; Gao, GY; Yue, ZQ200674
Market share performance of foreign and domestic brands in ChinaGao, GY; Pan, Y; Tse, DK; Yim, CK2006593
Three-dimensional analysis of rows of piles as passive barriers for ground vibration isolationGao, GY; Li, ZY; Qiu, Ch; Yue, ZQ2006197
Developing strategic orientation in China: Antecedents and consequences of market and innovation orientationsZhou, KZ; Gao, GY; Yang, Z; Zhou, N2005146
Research on the failure mechanism of barrier for isolating vibrationQiu, C; Gao, GY; Yue, QZQ; Tham, LG2003126
Theoretical analysis of unusual vibration amplification in barrier protected zoneGao, GY; Yue, ZQ; Tham, LG; Qiu, C2002124
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