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Applying an evolutionary approach for learning path optimization in the next-generation e-learning systemsTam, VWL; Fung, ST; Yi, J; Lam, EY201328
Toward a complete e-learning system framework for semantic analysis, concept clustering and learning path optimizationTam, V; Lam, EYM; Fung, ST201258
Enhancing learning paths with concept clustering and rule-based optimizationFung, ST; Tam, V; Lam, EY201184
Improving an interactive simulator for computer systems with learning objectsFung, ST; Tam, V; Lam, EY2010150
An Interactive COMPAD Simulator to Facilitate Education in Computer SystemsTam, VWL; Fung, ST; Lam, EYM; Salter Menzo, DJ201090
Towards An Innovative Application of the Wii Remote to Facilitate Interactive DiscussionTam, VWL; Fung, ST200987
48 Weeks Pegylated Interferon Alfa-2a is superior to 24 Weeks of Pegylated interferon Alfa-2b in Achieving HBeAg seroconversion in Chronic Hepatitis InfectionLai, SW; Fung, ST; Lai, ST; Yiu, J; Lam, P; Zhang, HY; Wong, WM; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Leung, N; Lau, G2006156
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