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Striving toward fistula first: a multi-disciplinary team appraochLee, SH; Hui, KC; Leung, LM; Fung, KS; Tang, HL; Ma, WK; Yiu, MK; To, KC; Cheung, FK; Wong, WYS; Kwong, LLI201252
Use mobile pumps and liquid chilling water units to provide chilled water for nuclear reactor during nuclear power plant accidentCheung, KP; Fung, KS201175
SUSTAINABLE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING DESIGN - THE SUSTAINABLE BIREATH APPROACH: Building Integrated Renewable Energies and sources, and optimal AIR quality Total Harvest APPROACH.Cheung, KP; Luk, CLP; Wong, ST; Chung, SL; Fung, KS; Leung, MF2007144
Acute renal impairment in coronavirus-associated severe acute respiratory syndromeChu, KH; Tsang, WK; Tang, CS; Lam, MF; Lai, FM; To, KF; Fung, KS; Tang, HL; Yan, WW; Chan, HWH; Lai, TST; Tong, KL; Lai, KN2005134
A Preliminary Discussion on Applying a Proposed Win-win Approach for Protecting Health Care Workers and Patients from SARS in Hospital WardsCheung, KP; Chow, TT; Cheung, LSH; Fung, KS2004125
Safe Hospital EnvironmentCheung, KP; Cheung, LSH; Chow, TT; Fung, KS2004132
A Re-examination of the Criteria for Face Masks and Respiratory Devices for Protecting Health Care Workers Against SARS-CoVCheung, KP; Fung, KS2004144
The use of an HEPA respirator in combating SARSAu-Yeung, KS; Cheung, KP; Leung, MKH; Fung, KS; Liu, CH; Yip, HK2004195
Proposed Modular Demountable Isolation Suites for Protecting Patients and Health Care Workers Against Infectious Diseases in HospitalsCheung, KP; Cheung, LSH; Chow, TT; Lo, MW; Fung, KS2003124
Effect of low molecular weight heparin on bone metabolism and hyperlipidemia in patients on maintenance hemodialysisLai, KN; Ho, K; Cheung, RCK; Lit, LCW; Lee, SKM; Fung, KS; Tong, MKL; Lam, CWK2001202
Comparison of double-bag and Y-set disconnect system in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis - a randomised prospective multi-centre studyLi, PKT; Szeto, CC; Law, MC; Chau, KF; Fung, KS; Leung, CB; Lui, SF; Tong, KL; Tsang, WK; Wong, KM; Lai, KN1999115
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