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The Copper Efflux System Cuscba Has Physiological Roles During The Stress Response Of Escherichia Coli To Oxygen And Amino Acid StarvationFung, KC; LAU, WY; Chan, WT; Yan, A201333
Copper Efflux Is Induced During Anaerobic Amino Acid Limitation In Escherichia Coli To Protect Iron-sulfur Cluster Enzymes And Its BiogenesisFung, KC; LAU, WY; Chan, WT; Yan, A201355
The copper efflux system CusCBA contributes to the stress response of Escherichia coli to anaerobic amino acid starvationFung, KC; Yan, A201319
Modes of East Asian trade and foreign direct investment: U.S. and JapanFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF201268
Copper homeostasis is required for the physiology of Escherichia coli during oxygen and amino acids scarcityFung, KC; LAU, WY; Chan, WT; Yan, A201225
Up-regulation of multidrug efflux pumps during the bacterial stress response to host physiological conditionsFung, KC; Zhang, Y; Nishino, K; Yan, A201225
A QoE based performance study of mobile peer-to-peer live video streamingFung, KC; Kwok, YK201230
Production sharing in Latin America and East AsiaFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Siu, AKF201269
A comparison of Chinese outward direct investment with its regional peers : Japan, Korea and TaiwanFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Liu, YL; Siu, AKF2012103
FDI flows to Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, and China: Substitutes or complements?Chantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2010165
Developing countries and the World Trade Organization: A foreign influence approachFung, KC; GarciaHerrero, A; Siu, A201092
United States, Japanese, and Korean FDI and intra-east Asian tradeFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2010133
Foreign Direct Investment, Intraregional Trade and Production Sharing in East AsiaFung, KC; Aminian, N; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2009136
A comparative empirical examination of outward foreign direct investment from four asian economies: People's Republic of China; Japan; Republic of Korea; and Taipei, ChinaFung, KC; GarciaHerrero, A; Siu, A2009178
Oral health disparities among low income families in Hong KongFung, KC; Yung, KY; Hon, MK; Chan, THK; McGrath, CPJ200989
Multinational Enterprises in China, East Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe: Moving In or Moving Out?Chantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2008163
Political economy of service trade liberalization and the Doha roundFung, KC; Siu, A200897
Outreach dental services in the 'City of Sadness'McGrath, CPJ; Chan, SY; Chan, KTH; Fu, LW; Fung, KC; Hon, MK; Lai, CL; Lam, SN; Wan, PC; Wong, CM; Yung, KY200897
The Effects and Implications of Foreign Direct Investment in China for Other Developing Economies: Hollowing Out or Filling In?Chantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF200796
Integrating the Two Asian Economic Giants: Japanese Multinational Corporations in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2007113
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