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Lutein enhances survival and reduces neuronal damage in a mouse model of ischemic strokeLi, SY; Yang, D; Fu, ZJ; Woo, T; Wong, D; Lo, ACY2012160
Aldose reductase deficiency reduced vascular changes in neonatal mouse retina in oxygen-induced retinopathyFu, ZJ; Li, SY; Kociok, N; Wong, D; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY2012129
Anti-inflammatory effects of lutein in retinal ischemic/ hypoxic injury: In vivo and in vitro studiesLi, SY; Fung, FKC; Fu, ZJ; Wong, D; Chan, HHL; Lo, ACY201295
Effect of lutein on retinal neurons and oxidative stress in a model of acute retinal ischemia/reperfusionLi, SY; Fu, ZJ; Ma, H; Jang, WC; So, KF; Wong, D; Lo, ACY2009361
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