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Photophysical and electrochemical properties of platinum(II) complexes bearing a chromophore-acceptor dyad and their photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionZhang, GJ; Gan, X; Xu, QQ; Chen, Y; Zhao, XJ; Qin, B; Lv, XJ; Lai, SW; Fu, WF; Che, CM2012107
Nanostructures of tetranuclear copper(i) complexes with short Cu(i)⋯Cu(i) contacts: Crystallization-induced emission enhancementChen, Y; Li, JL; Tong, GSM; Lu, W; Fu, WF; Lai, SW; Che, CM2011583
Organoplatinum(II) complexes with chromophore-acceptor dyad studied by ultrafast time-resolved absorption spectroscopyLai, SW; Chen, Y; Kwok, WM; Zhao, XJ; To, WP; Fu, WF; Che, CM2010207
Synthesis , Structures and Photophysical Properties of Polynuclear Copper (I) Iodide Complexes Containing Phosphine and 4,4'-Bipyridine LigandsGan, X; Fu, WF; Lin, YY; Yuan, M; Che, CM; Chi, SM; Li, HFJ; Chen, JH; Chen, Y; Zhou, ZY2008238
A high-performance organic field-effect transistor based on platinum(II) porphyrin: Peripheral substituents on porphyrin ligand significantly affect film structure and charge mobilityChe, CM; Xiang, HF; Chui, SSY; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Yan, JJ; Fu, WF; Lai, PT; Williams, ID20081,635
Synthesis, structures and photophysical properties of polynuclear copper(I) iodide complexes containing phosphine and 4,4′-bipyridine ligandsGan, X; Fu, WF; Lin, YY; Yuan, M; Che, CM; Chi, SM; Li, HFJ; Chen, JH; Chen, Y; Zhou, ZY2008110
Platinum(II) complexes with π-conjugated, naphthyl-substituted, cyclometalated ligands (RC∧N∧N): Structures and photo- and electroluminescenceKui, SCF; Sham, IHT; Cheung, CCC; Ma, CW; Yan, B; Zhu, N; Che, CM; Fu, WF2007239
Structural variations and spectroscopic properties of luminescent mono- and multinuclear silver(I) and copper(I) complexes bearing phosphine and cyanide ligandsLin, YY; Lai, SW; Che, CM; Fu, WF; Zhou, ZY; Zhu, N2005186
Cuprophilic Interactions in Luminescent Copper(I) Clusters with Bridging Bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)methane and Iodide Ligands: Spectroscopic and Structural InvestigationsFu, WF; Gan, X; Che, CM; Cao, QY; Zhou, ZY; NianYong Zhu, N2004183
3[(dx2-y2, dxy)(pz)] excited states of binuclear copper(I) phosphine complexes: Effect of copper - ligand and copper - copper interactions on excited state properties and photocatalytic reductions of the 4,4′-dimethyl-2,2′-bipyridinium ion in alcoholsMao, Z; Chao, HY; Hui, Z; Che, CM; Fu, WF; Cheung, KK; Zhu, N200377
Solvatochromic response imposed by environmental changes in matrix/chromophore entities: Luminescent cyclometalated platinum(II) complex in Nafion and silica materialsChe, CM; Fu, WF; Lai, SW; Hou, YJ; Liu, YL2003122
Synthesis, crystal structure, and photoluminescent properties of a tetracarbonyl(naphthyridylcarbamoyl)rhenium(I) complex and a highly emissive tetracarbonyl(naphthyridylamido)rhenium(I) complexZuo, JL; Fu, WF; Che, CM; Cheung, KK2003105
Substrate-binding reactions of the 3[dσ*pσ] excited state of binuclear gold(I) complexes with bridging bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)methane ligands: Emission and time-resolved absorption spectroscopic studiesFu, WF; Chan, KC; Cheung, KK; Che, CM200176
Structure and spectroscopic properties of luminescent cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes with chiral phosphine substituted carbohydrate ligandsShi, JC; Chao, HY; Fu, WF; Peng, SM; Che, CM2000109
Structures and photoluminescence of dinuclear platimun(II) and palladium(II) complexes with bridging thiolates and 2,2′-bipyridine or 2,2′:6prime;,2″-terpyridine ligandsTzeng, BC; Fu, WF; Che, CM; Chao, HY; Cheung, KK; Peng, SM199967
The intrinsic 3[dσ*pσ] emission of binuclear gold(I) complexes with two bridging diphosphane ligands lies in the near UV; emissions in the visible region are due to exciplexesFu, WF; Chan, KC; Miskowski, VM; Che, CM199947
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