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Automatic Expansion of Abbreviations in Chinese News Text: A Hybrid ApproachFu, G; Luke, KK; Webster, JJ2007116
Chinese POS Disambiguation and Unknown Word Guessing with Lexicalized HMMsFu, G; Luke, KK200683
A hybrid approach to Chinese abbreviation expansionFu, G; Luke, KK; Zhang, M; Zhou, G2006131
Automatic expansion of abbreviations in Chinese news textFu, G; Luke, KK; Zhou, G; Xu, R2006141
A unified framework for text snalysis in Chinese TTSFu, G; Zhang, M; Zhou, G; Luke, KK200672
A unified framework for text analysis in Chinese text-to-speechFu, G; Zhang, M; Zhou, GD; Luke, KK200696
Description of the HKU Chinese Word Segmentation System for Sighan Bakeoff 2005Fu, G; Luke, KK; Wong, PW2005109
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LMFu, G; Luke, KK200575
Modulation of calmodulin gene expression as a novel mechanism for growth hormone feedback control by insulin-like growth factor in grass carp pituitary cellsHuo, L; Fu, G; Wang, X; Ko, WKW; Wong, AOL2005104
Chinese named entity recognition using lexicalized HMMsFu, G; Luke, KK2005258
Chinese named entity recognition as known word taggingFu, G; Luke, KK200468
A unified statistical approach to Chinese named entity recognitionFu, G; Luke, KK200473
An integrated approach to Chinese word segmentationFu, G; Luke, KK2004115
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LMFu, G; Luke, KK2004120
A two-stage statistical word segmentation system for ChineseFu, G; Luke, KK200378
A text analyzer for Mandarin text-to-speech synthesisFu, G; Luke, KK200379
An integrated approach for Chinese word segmentationFu, G; Luke, KK2003100
Integrated approaches to prosodic word prediction for Chinese TTSFu, G; Luke, KK2003259
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