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Time-dependent versus static quantum transport simulations beyond linear responseYam, C; Zheng, X; Chen, G; Wang, Y; Frauenheim, T; Niehaus, TA201172
Theoretical prediction of topological insulators in thallium-based III-V-VI2 ternary chalcogenidesYan, B; Liu, CX; Zhang, HJ; Yam, CY; Qi, XL; Frauenheim, T; Zhang, SC201079
Local vibrational excitation through extended electronic states at a germanium surfaceTomatsu, K; Nakatsuji, K; Yamada, M; Komori, F; Yan, B; Yam, C; Frauenheim, T; Xu, Y; Duan, W200968
Comment on "valence surface electronic states on Ge(001)"Yan, B; Yam, C; Da Rosa, AL; Frauenheim, T200946
Linear scaling time-dependent density-functional tight-binding method for absorption spectra of large systemsWang, F; Yam, CY; Chen, G; Wang, X; Fan, K; Niehaus, TA; Frauenheim, T2007388
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