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Alleles at the Nicastrin locus modify presenilin 1-deficiency phenotypeRozmahel, R; Mount, HTJ; Chen, F; Nguyen, V; Huang, J; Erdebil, S; Liauw, J; Yu, G; Hasegawa, H; Gu, Y; Song, YQ; Schmidt, SD; Nixon, RA; Mathews, PM; Bergeron, C; Fraser, P; Westaway, D; St GeorgeHyslop, P2002116
Mutation of conserved aspartates affect maturation of presenilin 1 and presenilin 2 complexesYu, G; Chen, F; Nishimura, M; Steiner, H; Tandon, A; Kawarai, T; Arawaka, S; Supala, A; Song, YQ; Rogaeva, E; Holmes, E; Zhang, DM; Milman, P; Fraser, P; Haass, C; St GeorgeHyslop, P2000117
Nicastrin modulates presenilin-mediated notch/glp-1 signal transduction and βAPP processingYu, G; Nishimura, M; Arawaka, S; Levitan, D; Zhang, L; Tandon, A; Song, YQ; Rogaeva, E; Chen, F; Kawarai, T; Supala, A; Levesque, L; Yu, H; Yang, DS; Holmes, E; Milman, P; Liang, Y; Zhang, DM; Xu, DH; Sato, C; Rogaev, E; Smith, M; Janus, C; Zhang, Y; Aebersold, R; Farrer, L; Sorbl, S; Bruni, A; Fraser, P; GeorgeHyslop, PS2000118
Evaluation of β-globin gene therapy constructs in single copy transgenic miceEllis, J; Pasceri, P; TanUn, KC; Wu, X; Harper, A; Fraser, P; Grosveld, F1997223
Heterochromatin effects on the frequency and duration of LCR-mediated gene transcriptionMilot, E; Strouboulis, J; Trimborn, T; Wijgerde, M; De Boer, E; Langeveld, A; TanUn, K; Vergeer, W; Yannoutsos, N; Grosveld, F; Fraser, P199686
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