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Is fundamental frequency a cue to aspiration in initial stops?Francis, AL; Ciocca, V; Wong, VK; Chan, JK2006204
Effects of native language experience on perceptual learning of Cantonese lexical tonesFrancis, AL; Ciocca, V; Ma, L2004122
Contrasting the effects of duration and number of syllables on the perceptual normalization of lexical tonesCiocca, V; Francis, AL; Yau, TSK2004112
Case report: Acquisition of three spoken languages by a child with a cochlear implantFrancis, AL; Wai Lam Ho, D200341
Perception of place of articulation by children with cleft palate and posterior placementWhitehill, TL; Francis, AL; Ching, CKY2003160
Accuracy and variability of acoustic measures of voicing onsetFrancis, AL; Ciocca, V; Yu, JMC2003258
Stimulus presentation order and the perception of lexical tones in CantoneseFrancis, AL; Ciocca, V2003238
A case study of the acquisition of multiple languages via cochlear implantFrancis, AL; Ho, WL200223
The perception of Cantonese lexical tones by early-deafened cochlear implanteesCiocca, V; Francis, AL; Aisha, R; Wong, L2002391
Lexical tone contrasts effects related to linguistic experienceFrancis, AL; Ciocca, V2001127
Perception of place of articulation by children with cleft palateWhitehill, TL; Francis, AL; Ching, CKY200163
Can Cantonese children with cochlear implants perceive lexical tones?Ciocca, V; Aisha, R; Francis, AL; Wong, LLN200082
On the noncategorical perception of Cantonese level tonesFrancis, AL; Ng, BKC; Ciocca, V2000123
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