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EHPC 2010: Sharing knowledge on environmental health for risk mitigationFord, TE; Bass, AL; Cheng, S; Cherr, GN; Cole, B; Fairbairn, E; Gu, JD; Halbrook, RS; Löffler, FE; Madsen, EL; McGinn, NA2011116
Chapter 21: Microbial degradation of materials: general processesGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R2000144
Mixed SRB biofilms on mild steel coupons examined by LCSMGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R200099
Chapter 27: Microbial corrosion of concreteGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R2000150
Chapter 25: Microbial degradation of polymeric materialsGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitton, DB; Mitchell, R200093
Chapter 50: Microbial corrsion of metalsGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R2000119
Biofilm formation on air conditioning cooling coilsGu, J; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R1999116
Biodegradation of Polyimide-Coated Chromium SubstratesMitton, DB; Toshima, S; Chang, SS; Latanision, RM; Bellucci, F; Ford, TE; Gu, JD; Mitchell, R1998140
Microbial degradation of polymeric coatings measured by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGu, JD; Mitton, DB; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R199862
Microbial degradation of polymeric protective coatings determined by the electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGu, J; Mitton, DB; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R199895
Biodeterioration of concrete by the fungus FusariumGu, JD; Ford, TE; Berke, NS; Mitchell, R1998148
Susceptibility of electronic insulating polyimides to microbial degradationGu, JD; Ford, TE; Mitchell, R199651
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