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Cytochrome cd1 -containing nitrite reductase encoding gene nirS as a new functional biomarker for detection of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (anammox) bacteriaLi, M; Ford, T; Li, X; Gu, JD2011258
Computational studies of interactions between endocrine disrupting chemicals and androgen receptor of different vertebrate speciesWu, B; Ford, T; Gu, JD; Zhang, XX; Li, AM; Cheng, SP2010236
Class 1 integronase gene and tetracycline resistance genes tetA and tetC in different water environments of Jiangsu Province, ChinaZhang, X; Wu, B; Zhang, Y; Zhang, T; Yang, L; Fang, HHP; Ford, T; Cheng, S2009687
Microbial growth on fiber reinforced composite materialsGu, JD; Ford, T; Thorp, K; Mitchell, R199647
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