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Factor analyses of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: a Bayesian structural equation modeling approachFong, TCT; Ho, RTH201325
Effects of dance/movement therapy on the psychological distress in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201327
Diurnal Cortisol Pattern, Psychological Distress, and Treatment-related Symptoms among Breast Cancer Patients undergoing Radiotherapy TreatmentHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201316
Diurnal pattern of salivary cortisol and its relationships with psychosocial factors in breast cancer patients: a latent growth modeling approachHo, RTH; Fong, TCT; Chan, CKP; Chan, CLW201325
A Validation Study of the Chinese Brief Fatigue Inventory in Breast Cancer PatientsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201321
A longitudinal study on the trajectories of burnout among health care workersHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201320
Deconstructing Patterns of Social Stigma towards people living with mental illness: A Latent Class Analysis in Hong KongHo, AHY; Fong, TCT; Potash, JS; Ho, FLV; Chen, EYH; Ho, RTH201330
The effects of Body-mind-spirit (BMS) Group therapy and Supportive-expressive (SE) Group therapy on perceived stress and emotional control in breast cancer patientsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT; Chan, CLW201338
The associations between diurnal cortisol patterns, self-perceived social support, and sleep behavior in Chinese breast cancer patientsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT; Chan, KPC; Chan, CLW201342
A psychometric evaluation of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory in Chinese health care workersHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201325
Development of the Holistic Care Culture Scale in health care settingsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201320
Psychometric Properties of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory—Chinese VersionFong, TCT; Ho, RTH; Ng, SM201345
The Promotion of Active Interest for Successful Retirement - CADENZA Community Project Active Interest Mentorship SchemeNg, SM; Lo, HM; Fong, TCT; Cheung, N; Geun, A201274
Confirmatory factor analysis of the stagnation scale-a traditional chinese medicine construct operationalized for mental health practiceNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, XL; Wang, YJ2012194
A survey of mental health of new patients at traditional Chinese medical clinicsNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, XL2011164
Integrative hypnotherapy for depression with insomnia: a 37-case cohort studyNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wan, PYP2011205
The role of holistic care culture in mitigating burnout and enhancing engagement: A study among elderly service workers in Hong KongNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, XL2011194
The use of a structured questionnaire to study stagnation syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine among adults living in communityNg, SM; Fong, TCT2011178
Further validation of the Stagnation Scale - confirmatory factor analysis and diagnostic cutoff pointsNg, SM; Fong, TCT; Wang, X; Wang, Y2010140
The psycho-social needs and employment outcomes of Hong Kong Chinese Childhood Cancer SurvivorsNg, POK; Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW; Fong, TCT; Ho, AHY201057
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