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Delivery of antifungal agents to the oral cavitySamaranayake, LP; Ferguson, MM199481
The effect of chlorhexidine and benzydamine mouthwashes on mucositis induced by therapeutic irradiationSamaranayake, LP; Robertson, AG; Macfarlane, TW; Hunter, IP; Macfarlane, G; Soutar, DS; Ferguson, MM1988131
A comparison of oral rinse and imprint sampling techniques for the detection of yeast, coliform and Staphylococcus aureus carriage in the oral cavity.Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Lamey, PJ; Ferguson, MM198660
Bacteraemia consequential to sialography.Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW; Patton, DW; Samaranayake, LP; Ferguson, MM198576
The oral carriage of yeasts and coliforms in patients on cytotoxic therapySamaranayake, LP; Calman, KC; Ferguson, MM198440
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