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Human Vγ9Vδ2-T cells efficiently kill influenza virus-infected lung alveolar epithelial cellsLi, H; XIANG, Z; Feng, T; Li, J; Liu, Y; Fan, Y; Lu, Q; Yin, Z; Yu, M; Shen, C; Tu, W201315
Impaired NK cell antiviral cytokine response against influenza virus in small-for-gestational-age neonatesLi, J; Li, H; Mao, H; Yu, M; Yang, F; Feng, T; Fan, Y; Lu, Q; Shen, C; Yin, Z; Mao, M; Tu, W201316
Vγ9Vδ2-T lymphocytes have impaired antiviral function in small-for-gestational-age and preterm neonatesLi, J; Li, H; Mao, H; Yu, M; Feng, T; Yang, F; Fan, Y; Lu, Q; Shen, C; Yin, Z; Tu, W; Mao, M201315
One-year follow up of melamine-associated renal stones in Sichuan and Hong KongTu, WW; Yang, H; Luo, H; Shi, H; Wong, WHS; Lau, WWS; Yip, C; Yuen, SF; Chim, S; Chan, WKY; Wong, SN; Ho, CS; Feng, T; Lam, K; Li, H; Lee, PPW; Mao, M; Lau, YL2012137
Optimization of culture conditions for culturing of influenza virus H1N1 in MDCK cells and its purificationFeng, T; Yin, Z; Li, J; Fan, Y; Tu, W; Li, H201228
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