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Quantum spin Hall effect induced by nonmagnetic and magnetic staggered potentialsGuo, H; Feng, S; Shen, SQ2011144
Structural and magnetic properties of Co-N thin films synthesized by direct current magnetron sputteringWang, X; Jia, H; Zheng, WT; Chen, Y; Feng, S2009129
Transport and magnetic properties of disordered LixVyO2 (x=0.8 and y=0.8)Du, F; Li, A; Liu, D; Zhan, S; Hu, F; Wang, C; Chen, Y; Feng, S; Chen, G2009132
Synthesis and characteristics of nanocrystalline Co/N thin film containing Co4N phaseJia, H; Wang, X; Zheng, W; Chen, Y; Feng, S2008124
Electrical transport properties of annealed undoped InPZhao, Y; Luo, Y; Sun, N; Feng, S; Beling, CD; Sun, T; Lin, L2002126
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