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Recent transmission of a novel alphacoronavirus, bat coronavirus HKU10, from Leschenault's rousettes to Pomona leaf-nosed bats: first evidence of interspecies transmission of coronavirus between bats of different suborders.Lau, SKP; Li, KSM; Tsang, KL; Shek, CT; Wang, M; Choi, KY; Guo, R; Wong, BHL; Poon, RWS; Lam, SF; Wang, SYH; Fan, YY; Chan, KH; Zheng, B; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201235
Clinical Experience of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Capable of Biventricular Pacing in Heart Failure Patients.Chan, WS; Fan, YY; Lee, KLF; Tse, HF; Lau, CP; Chau, E; Chow, WH200374
Occlusion of Conorary Venous Branches Due to Chronic Indwelling Conorary Sinus Pacing Lead-Angiographic and Histopathological Changes.Fan, YY; Chau, E; Lee, KLF; Tse, HF; Lau, CP; Wang, E200374
雙心室起搏治療心力衰竭的初步經驗Yu, CM; Tse, HF; Chau, MC; Fan, YY; Lee, KLF; Leung, SK; Wan, SH; Lau, CP2001108
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