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HPV vaccination in Hong Kong: uptake and reasons for non-vaccination amongst Chinese adolescent girlsLi, SL; Lau, YL; Lam, TH; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Ip, P201323
Marital satisfaction among Hong Kong couplesCheung, MWL; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Lam, TH201226
Who wants a slimmer body? the relationship between body weight status, education level and body shape dissatisfaction among young adults in Hong KongCheung, YTD; Lee, AM; Ho, SY; Li, ETS; Lam, TH; Fan, SYS; Yip, PSF2011179
The effect of topical lignocaine gel in pain relief for colposcopic assessment and biopsy: Is it useful?Wong, GCY; Li, RHW; Wong, TS; Fan, SYS200887
A study of sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex among hong kong chinese couplesCheung, MWL; Wong, PWC; Liu, KY; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Lam, TH2008240
Post-abortion psychological adjustment of Hong Kong youthsCheung, C.; Chan, EKL; Fan, SYS200685
Effect of advanced provision of emergency contraception on women's contraceptive behaviour: A randomized controlled trialLo, SST; Fan, SYS; Ho, PC; Glasier, AF2004117
Acceptability of Mirena in Chinese women requesting contraceptionLo, SST; Fan, SYS; Tang, GWK2001126
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