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Sexual Dysfunction Among Chinese Married Men Aged 30–60 Years: A Population-Based Study in Hong KongZhang, H; Yip, A; Fan, S; Yip, PSF201328
Effect of diffusion time on liver DWI: An experimental study of normal and fibrotic liversZhou, IY; Gao, DS; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Cheung, MMH; Ling, C; Liu, X; Cao, P; Guo, H; Man, K; Wu, EX201331
Molecular MRI of liver fibrosis by a peptide-targeted contrast agent in an experimental mouse modelChow, AMK; Gao, S; Fan, S; Cheung, SW; Qiao, Z; Man, K; Wu, EX201334
Sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong KongYip, PSF; Zhang, H; Lam, TH; Lam, KF; Lee, AM; Chan, J; Fan, S201357
In vivo evaluation of retinal and callosal projections in early postnatal development and plasticity using manganese-enhanced mri and diffusion tensor imagingChan, KC; Cheng, JS; Fan, S; Zhou, IY; Yang, J; Wu, EX2012102
Bilateral substantia nigra and pyramidal tract changes following experimental intracerebral hemorrhage: an MR diffusion tensor imaging studyFan, S; Lee, FY; Cheung, MMH; Ding, Y; Yang, J; Ma, SJ; Khong, PL; Wu, EX201233
In vivo chromium-enhanced MRI of normal and injured retinasChan, KC; Fan, S; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201281
Effect of diffusion time on liver DWIGao, DS; Qiao, Z; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX2012100
Profiling wallerian degeneration in ipsilateral pyramidal tract after experimental intracerebral hemorrhageFan, S; Lee, FYH; Cheung, MMH; Qiao, Z; Wu, EX201269
Diffusion investigation of intramyocellular lipid droplet changes in skeletal muscle under fasting conditionCao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Xie, VB; Yang, J; Wu, EX201293
Manganese enhancement in posterior piriform cortex after unilateral bulbectomy in neonatal SD ratsLee, FYH; Fan, S; Wu, EX201282
Investigation of restricted diffusion behaviour of intramyocellular lipids in skeletal muscleCao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Xie, VB; Yang, J; Wu, EX2012111
MEMRI reveals neuronal changes in specific hippocampal substructures following sleep deprivationLee, FYH; Zhou, IY; Fan, S; Ding, AY; Wu, EX201276
In vivo chromium-enhanced MRI of normal, developing and injured retinasChan, KCW; Fan, S; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201272
Increasing diffusion time improves in vivo DWI sensitivity to liver fibrosisGao, DS; Yang, J; Cheung, MMH; Chow, AMK; Fan, S; Man, K; Wu, EX201274
Dynamic 1H-MRS revealed muscle type dependent IMCL storage at resting stateQiao, Z; Cao, P; Zhou, IY; Fan, S; Cheung, MMH; Zhang, JW; Wu, EX201282
Apparent diffusion coefficient of intramyocelluler lipid in heart muscleXie, VB; Cao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Wu, EX201288
1H-MRS investigation of IMCL storage during resting in skeletal muscle: obese versus normal ratsQiao, Z; Cao, P; Wang, AM; Xie, VB; Fan, S; Wu, EX2012103
In vivo manganese-enhanced MRI and diffusion tensor imaging of developing and impaired visual brains.Chan, KC; Cheng, JS; Fan, S; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201146
Early metabolic changes in hippocampus and cingulate cortex after fear conditioningZhou, IY; Ding, AY; Li, Q; Fan, S; Chan, KCW; Cao, P; Chow, AMK; McAlonan, GM; Wu, EX201197
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