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SARS CoV subunit vaccine: antibody-mediated neutralisation and enhancement.Jaume, M; Yip, MS; Kam, YW; Cheung, CY; Kien, F; Roberts, A; Li, PH; Dutry, I; Escriou, N; Daeron, M; Bruzzone, R; Subbarao, K; Peiris, JS; Nal, B; Altmeyer, R2012113
Anti-severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike antibodies trigger infection of human immune cells via a pH- and cysteine protease-independent Fcγr pathwayJaume, M; Yip, MS; Cheung, CY; Leung, HL; Li, PH; Kien, F; Dutry, I; Callendret, B; Escriou, N; Altmeyer, R; Nal, B; Daëron, M; Bruzzone, R; Peiris, JSM2011154
The M, E, and N structural proteins of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus are required for efficient assembly, trafficking, and release of virus-like particlesSiu, YL; Teoh, KT; Lo, J; Chan, CM; Kien, F; Escriou, N; Tsao, SW; Nicholls, JM; Altmeyer, R; Peiris, JSM; Bruzzone, R; Nal, B2008198
Differential maturation and subcellular localization of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus surface proteins S, M and ENal, B; Chan, C; Kien, F; Siu, L; Tse, J; Chu, K; Kam, J; Staropoli, I; CrescenzoChaigne, B; Escriou, N; van der Wef, S; Yuen, KY; Altmeyer, R2005284
Newly discovered coronavirus as the primary cause of severe acute respiratory syndromeKuiken, T; Fouchier, RAM; Schutten, M; Rimmelzwaan, GF; Van Amerongen, G; Van Riel, D; Laman, JD; De Jong, T; Van Doornum, G; Lim, W; Ling, AE; Chan, PKS; Tam, JS; Zambon, MC; Gopal, R; Drosten, C; Van Der Werf, S; Escriou, N; Manuguerra, JC; Stöhr, K; Peiris, JSM; Osterhaus, ADME2003128
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