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The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene and ion channel function in patients with idiopathic pancreatitisBishop, MD; Freedman, SD; Zielenski, J; Ahmed, N; Dupuis, A; Martin, S; Ellis, L; Shea, J; Hopper, I; Corey, M; Kortan, P; Haber, G; Ross, C; Tzountzouris, J; Steele, L; Ray, PN; Tsui, LC; Durie, PR2005879
Increased prevalence of CFTR mutations and variants and decreased chloride secretion in primary sclerosing cholangitisSheth, S; Shea, JC; Bishop, MD; Chopra, S; Regan, MM; Malmberg, E; Walker, C; Ricci, R; Tsui, LC; Durie, PR; Zielenski, J; Freedman, SD2003485
CFTR gene mutations and the pancreatic phenotypeDurie, PR; Ahmed, N; Corey, M; Zielenski, J; Ellis, L; Tullis, E; Tsui, LC1999124
Genotype/phenotype in relation to lung diseaseDurie, PR; Tullis, E; Corey, M; Ellis, L; Martin, S; Jarvi, K; Zielenski, J; Gilljam, M; Tsui, LC199895
Uncertainty in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis: Possible role of in vivo nasal potential difference measurementsWilson, DC; Ellis, L; Zielenski, J; Corey, M; Ip, WF; Tsui, LC; Tullis, E; Knowles, MR; Durie, PR1998294
Correlation of sweat chloride concentration with classes of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene mutationsWilschanski, M; Zielenski, J; Markiewicz, D; Tsui, LC; Corey, M; Levison, H; Durie, PR1995246
The cystic fibrosis gene and resting energy expenditureFried, MD; Durie, PR; Tsui, LC; Corey, M; Levison, H; Pencharz, PB1991239
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