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Examination of mid-intervention mediating effects on objectively assessed sedentary time among children in the Transform-US! cluster-randomized controlled trialCarson, V; Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Ridgers, ND; Cerin, E; Brown, H; Hesketh, KD; Ball, K; Chinapaw, M; Yildrim, M; Daly, RM; Dunstan, DW; Crawford, D201327
Impact on hemostatic parameters of interrupting sitting with intermittent activityHoward, BJ; Fraser, FS; Sethi, P; Cerin, E; Hamilton, MT; Owen, N; Dunstan, DW; Kingwell, BA201337
Breaking up prolonged sitting reduces postprandial glucose and insulin responsesDunstan, DW; Kingwell, BA; Larsen, R; Healy, GN; Cerin, E; Hamilton, MT; Shaw, JE; Bertovic, DA; Zimmet, PZ; Salmon, J; Owen, N2012148
A cluster-randomized controlled trial to reduce sedentary behavior and promote physical activity and health of 8-9 year olds: The Transform-Us! StudySalmon, J; Arundell, L; Hume, C; Brown, H; Hesketh, K; Dunstan, DW; Daly, RM; Pearson, N; Cerin, E; Moodie, M; Sheppard, L; Ball, K; Bagley, S; Paw, MCA; Crawford, D2011142
The acute metabolic effects of 'breaking-up' prolonged sitting in adultsDunstan, DW; Larsen, R; Healy, GN; Kingwell, BA; Cerin, E; Salmon, J; Shaw, JE; Zimmet, PZ; Hamilton, M; Owen, N2011180
Breaks in sedentary timeHealy, GN; Dunstan, DW; Salmon, J; Cerin, E; Shaw, JE; Zimmet, PZ; Owen, N200875
Objectively measured light-intensity physical activity is independently associated with 2-h plasma glucoseHealy, GN; Dunstan, DW; Salmon, J; Cerin, E; Shaw, JE; Zimmet, PZ; Owen, N200761
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