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Ultimate stress in external tendons: Comments on the existing typical methodsDu, JS; Au, F TK2010174
Ultimate stress in external tendons: proposed method and testing verificationDu, JS; Au, FT2010303
Estimation of ultimate stress in external FRP tendonsDu, JS; Au, FTK2009205
Flexural ductility of prestressed concrete beams with unbonded tendonsAu, FTK; Chan, KHE; Kwan, AKH; Du, JS2009238
Ductility analysis of prestressed concrete beams with unbonded tendonsDu, JS; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK; Kwan, AKH2008234
Deformability of concrete beams with unbonded FRP tendonsAu, FTK; Du, JS2008134
Deformability for prestressed concrete member with unbonded FRP tendonsDu, JS; Au, FTK200799
Service load analysis of unbonded partially prestressed concrete membersAu, FTK; Du, JS; Cheung, YK2005187
Deterministic and reliability analysis of prestressed concrete bridge girders: Comparison of the Chinese, Hong Kong and AASHTO LRFD CodesDu, JS; Au, FTK2005169
Prediction of ultimate stress in unbonded prestressed tendonsAu, FTK; Du, JS2004222
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