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Diversity and Scientific Progress in the Information Systems DisciplineFarhoomand, AF; Drury, D200171
Barriers to the Productive Use of ComputersDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF200080
Innovation Diffusion and ImplementationDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF1999139
Knowledge Worker Constraints in Productive Use of Information TechnologyDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199978
Moving to Guangzhu: the case of Cathay Pacific AirwaysKwok, V; Farhoomand, AF; Drury, D199885
Comparisons of alignment in managing information systemsDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199873
Improving MIS research: order effects in surveysDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF1997110
EDI Innovation Patterns and DimensionsDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199795
Information technology and users: a comparison of viewsDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199770
Structure and Extensions of the User Information Satisfaction ConstructWrigley, C; Drury, D; Farhoomand, AF199777
A Model of Organizational Adoption of Information TechnologyFarhoomand, AF; Drury, D199785
Innovation Adoption of Electronic Data InterchangeDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199667
Administrative Innovation Adoption: The Case of Electronic Data InterchangeDrury, D; Farhoomand, AF199688
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