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Respiratory syncytial virus infection induces higher Toll-like receptor-3 expression and TNF-α production than human metapneumovirus infection
Plos One
Dou, Y; Zhao, Y; Zhang, ZY; Mao, H; Tu, W; Zhao, X201392
Improving successful rate of transcranial electrical motor-evoked potentials monitoring during spinal surgery in young children
European Spine Journal
Springer. The Journal's web site is located at
Yang, J; Huang, Z; Shu, H; Chen, Y; Sun, X; Liu, W; Dou, Y; Xie, C; Lin, X; Hu, Y2012250
Histone ubiquitination associates with BRCAl-dependent DNA damage response
Molecular and Cellular Biology
American Society for Microbiology
Wu, J; Huen, MSY; Lu, LY; Ye, L; Dou, Y; Ljungman, M; Chen, J; Yu, X2009218
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