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Fine mapping of the autosomal dominant split hand/split foot locus on chromosome 7, band q21.3-q22.1
University of Chicago Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Scherer, SW; Poorkaj, P; Allen, T; Kim, J; Geshuri, D; Nunes, M; Soder, S; Stephens, K; Pagon, RA; Patton, MA; Berg, MA; Donlon, T; Rivera, H; Pfeiffer, RA; Naritomi, K; Hughes, H; Genuardi, M; Gurrieri, F; Neri, G; Lovrein, E; Magenis, E; Tsui, L-C; Evans, JP1994412
Assignment of the human gamma-crystallin gene cluster (CRYG) to the long arm of chromosome 2, region q33-36
Shiloh, Y; Donlon, T; Bruns, G; Breitman, ML; Tsui, L-C1986379
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