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Exploring reliable strategies for defending power systems against targeted attacksChen, G; Dong, ZY; Hill, DJ; Xue, YS201192
Attack structural vulnerability of power grids: A hybrid approach based on complex networksChen, G; Dong, ZY; Hill, DJ; Zhang, GH; Hua, KQ201060
Induction motor load impact on power system eigenvalue sensitivity analysisMishra, Y; Dong, ZY; Ma, J; Hill, DJ200987
An improved model for structural vulnerability analysis of power networksChen, G; Dong, ZY; Hill, DJ; Zhang, GH200953
On convexity of power flow feasibility boundaryMakarov, YV; Dong, ZY; Hill, DJ200849
Preliminary clinical outcomes of percutaneous kyphoplasty with Sky-bone expanderZheng, ZM; Kuang, GM; Dong, ZY; Cheung, KMC; Lu, WW; Li, FB200769
Power system energy analysis incorporating comprehensive load characteristicsMa, J; Hill, DJ; Dong, ZY; He, RM200755
Minimum-order stable recursive filter design via the genetic algorithm approachLiu, WQ; Dong, ZY; Zhang, CS; Hill, DJ200169
Power system reactive scheduling within electricity marketsDong, ZY; Hill, DJ200149
Nonlinear computation and control for small disturbance stabilityHill, DJ; Dong, ZY200045
Analysis of small signal stability margins using genetic optimizationDong, ZY; Makarov, YV; Hill, DJ199854
A General Method for Small Signal StabilityMakarov, YV; Dong, ZY; Hill, D199773
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