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Bias-voltage dependent ultraviolet photodetectors prepared by GaOx + ZnO mixture phase nanocrystalline thin filmsWang, RX; Yang, LC; Xu, S; Zhang, XD; Dong, X; Zhao, YC; Fu, K; Zhang, BS; Yang, H201347
Repair of large osteochondral defects in a beagle model with a novel type I collagen/glycosaminoglycan-porous titanium biphasic scaffoldDuan, X; Zhu, X; Dong, X; Yang, J; Huang, F; Cen, S; Leung, FKL; Fan, H; Xiang, Z201339
A giant olistolith discovered in the late Mesozoic turbidites in Lingshan Island, Jiaonan, ShandongLu, H; Zhang, H; Wang, J; Dong, X; Zhang, X2012114
Two stages of granulite facies metamorphism in the eastern Himalayan syntaxis, south Tibet: Petrology, zircon geochronology and implications for the subduction of Neo-Tethys and the Indian continent beneath AsiaZhang, ZM; Zhao, GC; Santosh, M; Wang, JL; Dong, X; Liou, JG2010394
Late Cretaceous charnockite with adakitic affinities from the Gangdese batholith, southeastern Tibet: Evidence for Neo-Tethyan mid-ocean ridge subduction?Zhang, Z; Zhao, G; Santosh, M; Wang, J; Dong, X; Shen, K2010364
Lack of association between nNOS -84G>A polymorphism and risk of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in a Chinese populationMiao, X; GarciaBarceló, MM; So, Mt; Tang, Wk; Dong, X; Wang, B; Mao, J; Ngan, ESw; Chen, Y; Lui, VCh; Wong, KKy; Liu, L; Tam, PKh2010668
Provenance and formation age of the Nyingchi Group in the southern Lhasa terrane, Tibetan Plateau: Petrology and zircon U-Pb geochronologyDong, X; Zhang, ZM; Wang, JL; Zhao, GC; Liu, F; Wang, W; Yu, F200995
Petrology and geochronology of the charnockite from the southern Gangdese belt, Tibet: Evidence for the Andean-type orogenZhang, ZM; Wang, JL; Dong, X; Zhao, GC; Yu, F; Wang, W; Liu, F; Geng, GS200998
Late cretaceous adakite-like charnockite from the gangdese batholith: evidence for the Neo-Tethyan mid-ocean ridge subduction in southeastern TibetZhang, ZM; Wang, JL; Dong, X; Zhao, G; Shen, K; Liu, F; Yu, F; Wang, W2009137
Structure of human MRG15 chromo domain and its binding to Lys36-methylated histone H3Zhang, P; Du, J; Sun, B; Dong, X; Xu, G; Zhou, J; Huang, Q; Liu, Q; Hao, Q; Ding, J2006130
Laboratory diagnosis of four recent sporadic cases of community-acquired SARS, Guangdong Province, ChinaLiang, G; Chen, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Lim, W; Peiris, JSM; Anderson, LJ; Ruan, L; Li, H; Kan, B; Di, B; Cheng, P; Chan, KH; Erdman, DD; Gu, S; Yan, X; Liang, W; Zhou, D; Haynes, L; Duan, S; Zhang, X; Zheng, H; Gao, Y; Tong, S; Li, D; Fang, L; Qin, P; Xu, W; Huang, J; Wan, Z; Zheng, K; Li, J; Deng, X; Diao, L; Zhou, H; Huang, P; Zhang, W; Zheng, H; Zhong, H; Xie, S; Li, W; Wang, J; Zhong, Y; Lin, J; Yan, M; Wang, H; Li, W; Zhang, E; Hao, Q; Dong, X; Wang, H; Zhou, W; Zhang, L; Wang, W; Zhuang, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, Q; Zhu, Z; Zhang, Y; Lai, M; Choy, P; Poon, LLM; Guan, Y; Peret, T; Felton, K; Emery, S; Chern, S; Cook, B; Lu, X; Tamin, A; Miao, C; Dillon, M200496
Isolation and some properties of cellulose-degrading Vibrio sp. LX-3 with agar-liquefying ability from soilLi, X; Dong, X; Zhao, C; Chen, Z; Chen, F2003188
Postnatal hypoxemia increases angiotensin II sensitivity and up-regulates AT 1a angiotensin receptors in rat carotid body chemoreceptorsFung, ML; Lam, SY; Dong, X; Chen, Y; Leung, PS200281
Absence of MK801-induced inspiratory prolongation in chronically hypoxic ratsFung, ML; Dong, X200160
Functional expression of angiotensin II receptors in type-I cells of the rat carotid bodyFung, ML; Lam, SY; Chen, Y; Dong, X; Leung, PS2001104
Postnatal hypoxemia upregulates AT1 receptors in type I cells of rat carotid bodyLeung, PS; Lam, SY; Dong, X; Chen, Y; Fung, ML200078
Postnatal hypoxemia enhances angiotensin II sensitivity in type I cells of rat carotid bodyFung, ML; Lam, SY; Dong, X; Chen, Y; Leung, PS200082
Stress Distribution in Ceramic Crowns with Bilayer StructureDong, X; Darvell, BW; Lo, SH200093
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