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Optimization and stabilization of composite service processing in a cloud systemDi, S; Kondo, D; Wang, CL201328
Minimization of cloud task execution length with workload prediction errorsDi, S; Kondo, D; Wang, CL201328
Towards payment-bound analysis in cloud systems with task-prediction errorsDi, S; Wang, CL; Kondo, D; Han, G201329
Dynamic optimization of multiattribute resource allocation in self-organizing cloudsDi, S; Wang, CL2013157
Optimization of cloud task processing with checkpoint-restart mechanismDi, S; Robert, Y; Vivien, F; Kondo, D; Wang, CL; Cappello, F201332
Decentralized Proactive Resource Allocation for Maximizing Throughput of P2P GridDi, S; Wang, CL2012105
Social-optimized win-win resource allocation for self-organizing cloudDi, S; Wang, CL; Cheng, L; Chen, L2011107
Defeating network jitter for virtual machinesCheng, L; Wang, CL; Di, S2011114
WAVNet: Wide-Area Network virtualization technique for Virtual Private CloudXu, Z; Di, S; Zhang, W; Cheng, L; Wang, CL2011192
Probabilistic best-fit multi-dimensional range query in Self-Organizing CloudDi, S; Wang, CL; Zhang, W; Cheng, L2011110
Dual-phase just-in-time workflow scheduling in P2P grid systemsDi, S; Wang, CL2010142
Conflict-minimizing dynamic load balancing for P2P desktop GridDi, S; Wang, CL2010198
Gossip-based dynamic load balancing in a self-organized autonomous desktop gridDi, S; Wang, CL; Hu, DH2009130
The exact solution of coupled thermoelectroelastic behavior of piezoelectric laminatesZhang, C; Cheung, YK; Di, S; Zhang, N200278
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