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Intravenously administered BMSCs reduce neuronal apoptosis and promote neuronal proliferation through the release of VEGF after stroke in ratsDeng, YB; Ye, WB; Hu, ZZ; Yan, Y; Wang, Y; Takon, BF; Zhou, GQ; Zhou, YF201076
The co-transplantation of human bone marrow stromal cells and embryo olfactory ensheathing cells as a new approach to treat spinal cord injury in a rat modelDeng, YB; Liu, Y; Zhu, WB; Bi, XB; Wang, YZ; Ye, MH; Zhou, GQ200870
Implantation of BM mesenchymal stem cells into injured spinal cord elicits de novo neurogenesis and functional recovery: Evidence from a study in rhesus monkeysDeng, YB; Liu, XG; Liu, ZG; Liu, XL; Liu, Y; Zhou, GQ200693
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