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Highly enantioselective intermolecular carbene insertion to C-H and Si-H bonds catalyzed by a chiral iridium(iii) complex of a D 4-symmetric Halterman porphyrin ligandWang, JC; Xu, ZJ; Guo, Z; Deng, QH; Zhou, CY; Wan, XL; Che, CM2012101
Metal-free intramolecular aziridination of allylic carbamates mediated by hypervalent iodine compoundsDeng, QH; Wang, JC; Xu, ZJ; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2011104
Trapping reactive metal-carbene complexes by a bis-pocket porphyrin: X-ray crystal structures of Ru=CHCO 2et and trans-[Ru(CHR)(CO)] species and highly selective carbenoid transfer reactionDeng, QH; Chen, J; Huang, JS; Chui, SSY; Zhu, N; Li, GY; Che, CM200988
Ruthenium-catalyzed one-pot carbenoid N-H insertion reactions and diastereoselective synthesis of prolinesDeng, QH; Xu, HW; Yuen, AWH; Xu, ZJ; Che, CM2008176
Highly selective metal catalysts for intermolecular carbenoid insertion into primary C-H bonds and enantioselective C-C bond formationThu, HY; Tong, GSM; Huang, JS; Chan, SLF; Deng, QH; Che, CM2008345
A non-cross-linked soluble polystyrene-supported ruthenium catalyst for carbenoid transfer reactionsChoi, MKW; Yu, WY; So, MH; Zhou, CY; Deng, QH; Che, CM200869
Flow bifurcation due to opposing buoyancy in two vertically connected open cavitiesLi, Y; Xu, P; Qian, H; Deng, QH; Wu, J2006133
A combined temperature scale for analyzing natural convection in rectangular enclosures with discrete wall heat sourcesDeng, QH; Tang, GF; Li, Y2002105
Interaction between discrete heat sources in horizontal natural convection enclosuresDeng, QH; Tang, GF; Li, Y; Ha, MY200280
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