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Identification of a factor that negatively regulate the haloacid operon of Burkholderia caribensis MBA4Deng, L; Tsang, JSH201331
Species variation in the spontaneous calcification of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cellsHuang, YZ; Cai, JQ; Lv, F; Xie, HL; Yang, ZM; HUANG, Y; Deng, L201334
Examining students' use of online annotation tools in support of argumentative readingLu, J; Deng, L201334
Enhanced degradation of haloacid by heterologous expression in related Burkholderia speciesSu, X; Deng, L; Kong, KF; Tsang, JSH201345
Reading actively online: An exploratory investigation of online annotation tools for inquiry learningLu, J; Deng, L201233
Understanding student perceptions and motivation towards academic blogs: An exploratory studyDeng, L; Yuen, AHK2012133
Interface states in polymer thin-film transistors based on poly(3-hexylthiophene)Liu, Y; Lai, PT; Yao, R; Deng, L2012117
Towards a framework for educational affordances of blogsDeng, L; Yuen, AHK2011227
Strontium-borosilicate-co-effects to stimulate bone regenerationShen, Y; Zhang, K; Pan, H; Lu, WW; Zheng, Z; Wang, D; Deng, L; Zhou, N; Huang, W2011140
Effects of strontium in modified biomaterialsZhang, W; Shen, Y; Pan, H; Lin, K; Liu, X; Darvell, BW; Lu, WW; Chang, J; Deng, L; Wang, D; Huang, W2011230
Interfacial pH: A critical factor for osteoporotic bone regenerationShen, Y; Liu, W; Lin, K; Pan, H; Darvell, BW; Peng, S; Wen, C; Deng, L; Lu, WW; Chang, J2011399
OASIS: Designing cscl to support argumentationLu, J; Law, N; Deng, L; Lee, Y2011167
Exploring the role of academic blogs in a blended community: an integrative approachDeng, L; Yuen, AHK2010143
Twinning mediated growth of ZnSe tri- and bi-crystal nanobelts with single crystalline wurtzite nanobelts as building blocksJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Sang, H; Deng, L; Yan, X; Cai, Y; Lu, P; Choy, WCH2010217
ZnSe heterocrystalline junctions based on zinc blende-wurtzite polytypismJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Jiang, Q; Yan, X; Lu, P; Cai, Y; Deng, L; Choy, WCH2010218
Educational affordances of blogs in preservice teacher educationDeng, L; Yuen, AHK2010108
The morphology and lattice structure of bone crystal after strontium treatment in goatsLi, Z; Lu, WW; Deng, L; Chiu, PKY; Fang, D; Lam, RWM; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK2010554
Use of WebCT in Online and Blended modesYuen, HK; Deng, L200976
Engaging Students with Online Discussion in a Blended Learning Context: Issues and ImplicationsYuen, HK; Deng, L; Fox, R; Tavares, NJ200986
Engaging Students with Online Discussion in a Blended Learning Context: Issues and ImplicationsYuen, HK; Deng, L; Fox, R; Tavares, NJ200996
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