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Genome-wide association of an integrated osteoporosis-related phenotype: Is there evidence for pleiotropic genes?Karasik, D; Cheung, CL; Zhou, Y; Cupples, LA; Kiel, DP; Demissie, S201231
Identification of homogeneous genetic architecture of multiple genetically correlated traits by block clustering of genome-wide associationsGupta, M; Cheung, CL; Hsu, YH; Demissie, S; Cupples, LA; Kiel, DP; Karasik, D201160
Hip geometry variation is associated with bone mineralization pathway gene variants: The Framingham studyCheung, CL; Livshits, G; Zhou, Y; Meigs, JB; McAteer, JB; Florez, JC; Cupples, LA; Demissie, S; Kiel, DP; Karasik, D201043
Association of JAG1 with Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporotic Fractures: A Genome-wide Association Study and Follow-up Replication StudiesKung, AWC; Xiao, SM; Cherny, S; Li, GHY; Gao, Y; Tso, G; Lau, KS; Luk, KDK; Liu, Jm; Cui, B; Zhang, MJ; Zhang, Zl; He, Jw; Yue, H; Xia, Wb; Luo, Lm; He, Sl; Kiel, DP; Karasik, D; Hsu, YH; Cupples, LA; Demissie, S; Styrkarsdottir, U; Halldorsson, BV; Sigurdsson, G; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Stefansson, K; Richards, JB; Zhai, G; Soranzo, N; Valdes, A; Spector, TD; Sham, PC2010664
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