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Protein alterations associated with temozolomide resistance in subclones of human glioblastoma cell lines.Sun, S; Wong, TS; Zhang, XQ; Pu, JK; Lee, NP; Day, PJ; Ng, GK; Lui, WM; Leung, GK2012474
Circulating lamin B1 (LMNB1) biomarker detects early stages of liver cancer in patientsSun, S; Xu, MZ; Poon, RT; Day, PJ; Luk, JM2010378
Proteomic expression signature distinguishes cancerous and nonmalignant tissues in hepatocellular carcinomaLee, NP; Chen, L; Lin, MC; Tsang, FH; Yeung, C; Poon, RT; Peng, J; Leng, X; Beretta, L; Sun, S; Day, PJ; Luk, JM2009184
Artificial neural networks and decision tree model analysis of liver cancer proteomesLuk, JM; Lam, BY; Lee, NPY; Ho, DW; Sham, PC; Chen, L; Peng, J; Leng, X; Day, PJ; Fan, ST2007126
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