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Excellent school performance at age 16 and risk of adult bipolar disorder: National cohort studyMacCabe, JH; Lambe, MP; Cnattingius, S; Sham, PC; David, AS; Reichenberg, A; Murray, RM; Hultman, CM2010123
Increased inferior frontal activation during word generation: A marker of genetic risk for schizophrenia but not bipolar disorder?Costafreda, SG; Fu, CHY; Picchioni, M; Kane, F; McDonald, C; Prata, DP; Kalidindi, S; Walshe, M; Curtis, V; Bramon, E; Kravariti, E; Marshall, N; Toulopoulou, T; Barker, GJ; David, AS; Brammer, MJ; Murray, RM; McGuire, PK2009160
Scholastic achievement at age 16 and risk of schizophrenia and other psychoses: A national cohort studyMacCabe, JH; Lambe, MP; Cnattingius, S; Torrång, A; Björk, C; Sham, PC; David, AS; Murray, RM; Hultman, CM2008119
Evidence of normal hearing laterality in familial schizophrenic patients and their relativesToulopoulou, T; Chua, SE; Lam, I; Cheung, V; Murray, RM; David, AS2008105
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